Director's Welcome

Welcome to the International Center for Persian Studies at Shiraz University.

Shiraz is one of the most important cities in Persian literary history. A hotspot for arts and culture for centuries, poets and philosophers, thinkers and visionaries, have left their mark on the history of culture here. Every year, many visitors travel to Shiraz to see the mausoleums of Hafez and Sa'di, Persepolis, Pasargadae, the Zandiyeh historical complex and other sites and gardens in and around the city.

Established in 1946, Shiraz University (previously Pahlavi University) is Iran's first international university. Today, it is a prestigious, leading, and dynamic academic institution, committed to quality in research and excellence in education. For decades, Shiraz University has been home to international students and scholars, including learners of Persian from around the world.

The International Center for Persian Studies is the only certified center for learning Persian in Shiraz, registered with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in 2014 as the "International Center for Teaching Persian to non-Persian Speakers." We offer Persian language training courses, from beginning to advanced, as well as courses on Persian literature, Iranian culture, arts, and history. We also organize tours for students in Shiraz and to historical sites in the Fars province.

Our lecturers are specialized in and trained to teach Persian to non-Persian speakers. We take advantage of well-equipped language labs, audio-visual materials, and modern teaching aids and technologies. Our Persian language program is designed in short, middle and long modes, for students with basic, intermediate and advanced knowledge of Persian. After completing the regular levels, students can attend courses tailored to their specific needs: some intend to do research on classical Persian literature, others want to read ancient languages, while others prepare to do research on Iranian cinema and arts.

The main campus of Shiraz University is located on the Eram hills, next to the world-famous Eram Garden, overlooking the city and offering a unique view, which makes the learning experience even more pleasant. The Persian language courses are held at the international campus, at a green, calm, and quiet environment.

Please browse our website for more information and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.

We look forward to welcoming you at our University and Center before long.

Saeed Hessampour