Persian Language

Persian Language Courses

The Persian Language courses are our most popular courses, and organized routinely throughout the year. To facilitate the exchange of students with institutions worldwide, each admission for students who will do the courses as part of their official academic training, and in order to standardize the assessment system, we have designed our system from A1 to C2 levels.

Persian language programs are designed in short, middle and long modes, for students with basic, intermediate and advanced knowledge of the language. Students have the option of attending individual or group classes (the fees vary). After successfully completing the advanced levels, students may further their training in courses tailored to their specific needs: some intend to do research on classical Persian literature or ancient manuscripts, others want to read ancient Iranian languages, or do research on cinema and arts, while others prepare for studying medicine or engineering.

Learners who successfully complete either of our training programs will receive an internationally recognized certificate, approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, which can be used for credit transfer to other Universities or institutions of higher education in the world.

A1: qualifying, 6 weeks (120 hours)
A2: preliminary, 6 weeks (120 hours)

B1: intermediate 1, 8 weeks (160 hours)
B2: intermediate 2, 8 weeks (160 hours)

C1: advanced 1, 10 weeks (200 hours)
C2: advanced 2, 10 weeks (200 hours)