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Shiraz University

Shiraz University

Why Shiraz University

There are many Persian language centers in Iran, or Persian Studies programs elsewhere in the world, to learn Persian at, and a great majority of them deliver excellent programs. Shiraz University's Center is privileged by a number of important factors which are listed below to help you make an informed decision about where to learn Persian.

First: Academic Supervision

The courses offered at our Center are the result of collaboration between the Department of Foreign Languages and Linguistics and the Department of Persian Language and Literature. Both are not only among the largest departments in the country (with over 30 and 15 faculty members each) but are also nationally leading education and research in their respective fields. More recently, and to add perspective on language education processes, the Department of Arabic Language and Literature has also been contributing to the program. As a result, the courses are well structured and supervised.

Second: Specialized and Trained Lecturers

In addition, our lecturers are specialized in Teaching Persian as a Foreign Language or in Persian Literature, and receive specific training for classroom delivery of the materials. We offer Teacher Training Courses primarily for our own teachers in order to continuously assess and update our teaching methods and materials.

Third: Big Data Method

Our Center is the only language center in Iran where a Learner Corpus is being developed. The aim of the corpus is to create a database for the learners of Persian with different linguistic backgrounds, which will help us constantly review our educational and assessment methods in order to adjust the lessons to each students' linguistic horizons. Hence, our educational emphasis is Persian for the speakers of diverse languages, rather than simply Persian as a foreign language.

Fourth: Small Group, Big Impact

The number of students in each class will not exceed 7 students, which gives each learner the maximum opportunity for learning and active use of the language. Classes are conducted using up-to-date teaching materials and well-equipped language labs. We use standard materials for classroom activities, but our approach is eclectic to make sure students are exposed to the best content from each available method.

Fifth: Suitable Environment   

Shiraz University is an internationally reputable institution where the infrastructure required for hosting and training language learners is in place. Language learning is a process and both the university and the city provide excellent opportunities for practice and communication in the language outside the classroom.

In addition, in case you decide to stay longer to receive formal academic training, you will be in the right environment to pursue your education: Shiraz University is a comprehensive institution of higher education with 13 Faculties, 55 Departments, and over 20 Research Centers, where the undergraduate or graduate program you need is on offer.